2016 marks my 10th year writing music, so I’m going to celebrate by releasing a compilation album this Friday, the 26th.  It’ll be available as a free download on Bandcamp and streaming from my Soundcloud and Youtube accounts.

For this album, I’ve taken two of my favourite tracks from each year and updated them; in some cases this meant a simple remaster, in others a complete rewrite from the ground up.  Most of them are things I’ve released publicly before, but there are a few that I haven’t until now.  Here’s the tracklist:

Decade (2006 – 2010)  Tracklist
2006-2010 cover wp.jpg
  1. Nostalgia* (2006) 02:25
  2. Sayonara* (2006) 01:11
  3. Landscape* (2007) 02:53
  4. Oriental Fantasy* (2008) 04:17
  5. Parity (2007) 02:20
  6. Cold Breath (2008) 03:06
  7. Lament (2009) 01:48
  8. DEFIANCE* (2009) 02:09
  9. Battle Blues (2010) 02:07
  10. Time Flows (2010) 02:38

Run time: 24:58

Decade (2011 – 2016)
2011-2016 cover wp.jpg
  1. Rule of 3 (2011) 04:56
  2. This is Just the Beginning (2012) 03:38
  3. Merry Christmas (2011) 03:09
  4. Voice of the River (2012) 05:03
  5. Autumn Breeze (2013) 02:35
  6. Warm Heart, Calm Mind (2013) 02:13
  7. Solemnity* (2014) 04:13
  8. The Storm* (2014) 02:04
  9. Fear no More (2015) 02:14
  10. Believe in Me (2015) 02:43
  11. A Moment We’ll Never Share (2015) 04:05
  12. Love’s Dream (2016) 03:30

Run time: 40:29

*Previously unreleased tracks


  The Katawa Shoujo Piano Collection is out now, and there’s a number of options for you to hear it. You can purchase it via the Bandcamp link embedded above – which also includes the 4 bonus tracks and sheet music – or you can stream it free via the Youtube and Soundcloud embeds below.

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Hi all,
If you’ve been watching my Youtube or Twitter accounts you’ll know by now that I’ve been working on a Katawa Shoujo piano arrangement album. As of today I’ve finished recording and editing the sheet music, so I thought I’d share the tracklist. You’ll be able to purchase the album December 1 from my Bandcamp store.

Coverwp2 Tracklist
  1. Wiosna 03:54
  2. Jitter 01:26
  3. Concord 07:41
  4. Air 04:12
  5. L’étoile 03:09
  6. Raindrops and Puddles 06:34
  7. Sarabande from BWV 1010 02:58
  8. Red Velvet 04:50
  9. When It’s Hard to Smile 03:02
  10. Innocence 06:23
  11. Moment of Decision 08:15
  12. Friendship ~ Variations and Fugue 18:06
  13. Raindrops and Puddles (2014) 03:39
  14. Afternoon (2009) 01:54
  15. Painful History (2009) 01:34
  16. Romance in Andante (2009) 02:07

Run time: 79:51

Tracks in red are bonus tracks. They won’t be shown on the Bandcamp page for streaming but will be included in the download.

Hey guys,

Happy early Halloween! This year, I’ve made a small album of solo piano arrangements of music from the game Undertale to celebrate the occasion. If you’re not familiar with Undertale, it’s an independently developed RPG made almost entirely by a guy called Toby Fox (http://tobyfox.net). This includes the mammoth soundtrack of 101 pieces of music, which I absolutely adore. The game itself is a really fresh twist on the RPG genre, with needless grinding, backtracking, and excessive cutscene use thrown out the window. It’s also got a great sense of humour and a unique battle system. Consider grabbing the game on Steam, I think you’ll enjoy it.

My album contains arrangements of 18 pieces of music from the Undertale soundtrack, condensed into 12 tracks. It is entirely fan-made and not endorsed by Toby Fox.

The download on Bandcamp is free and also includes sheet music for every track. Here is the tracklist:

Cover Tracklist
  1. Ruins
  2. Enemy Approaching
  3. sans.
  4. Snowy ~ Dating Start!
  5. Quiet Water ~ Memory
  6. It’s Showtime! ~ Metal Crusher
  7. Spider Dance
  8. Oh! One True Love
  9. Undertale
  10. Bergentruckung ~ ASGORE
  11. Your Best Nightmare ~ Finale
  12. Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap

Run time: 26:26


Hey everyone,

  I’ve got two updates for you today. Firstly, I want to talk a bit about Vanity. Vanity is an action RPG currently in development by 3rdwallstudios, a new independent game development company run by a couple of really talented programmers and artists. I’ll be writing music for the game, and you can check out the first track I wrote for it in the embedded video above. We’re using Kickstarter to fund the project; right now we’re a little over 50% funded and we’ve got 2 weeks to go. If you’re interested in supporting the project, please take a look at our Kickstarter page. A $50 pledge will get you the full soundtrack, along with the game itself and a handful of other goodies including exclusive art prints.

  Secondly, this week I uploaded 3 work-in-progress tracks to my soundcloud account, and earlier today I uploaded them to Youtube. These are demo tracks for my next project, an album that’s going to be a collaboration with a handful of my friends, tentatively called Til Sunrise. My old friend Phil has been writing for many years (we met back in maybe 2008 when I worked with him on a VN called Cold Breath), and we’ve been toying with the idea of a story with music for a while now. Ideas ranged from posting up videos on Youtube of scrolling text with background music, to a KiRiTe-like CD release with a printed short story book. After hearing good Kid, m.A.A.d city I was struck by the way Kendrick Lamar used answering machine messages to tell a story along with the music and decided my collaboration with Phil could follow a similar theme. We settled on using a radio broadcast as the means to tie in music and spoken word, and I hope the album will be able to give the effect of listening to a live radio show or podcast. More info on this as progress is made.

As always, thanks for your continued support and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you might have.


Love Letters is out! You can buy it on my Bandcamp. Since I released Love Letters at a lower price point, I decided to cut the price of Past, Present to match. Music from my Notebook is now free; you can find both on my Bandcamp as well.


Hey guys,

  This morning I uploaded the second preview video for my upcoming album Love Letters. The second video samples 5 new tracks and 3 remade tracks, and I think is generally the darker half of the album. It’s a bit different stylistically than what I’ve written until now, but I think it best helps convey what I was feeling at the time. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

  The album will be released August 10 and the price will be $5. You’ll be able to find it on my Bandcamp and this time I will also be mirroring it on my new Soundcloud. Uploads to follow on Youtube like I did last time.

  Finally, this time I also wanted to share the tracklist ahead of time:

Cover artwork Tracklist
  1. Introduction
  2. Anxiety
  3. 2011
  4. Memories Forgotten by Time ~ Piano ver.
  5. There is Only One You
  6. Confession
  7. Love
  8. Smile Sweetly
  9. Song for You
  10. Sonatine
  11. Untouchable
  12. Meeting
  13. The Warmth We’ve Been Longing For
  14. Warm Heart, Calm Mind ~ Piano ver.
  15. Lullaby
  16. Suspicion
  17. Liar
  18. Soliloquy
  19. Canon in F, “Final Words”

Run time: 55:03

That’s it for now. Keep an eye out for the album on the 10th 🙂


Hey guys!

  I’m happy to announce a new project today, my second full length album Love Letters. While it still features the piano extensively, it’s a departure from the solo piano music of my first album. This time the piano is set against a variety of ensembles. I always wanted to make something like Joe Hisaishi’s wonderful Piano Stories albums, and that’s sort of the direction this album is going in. Stylistically, though, Love Letters treads more modern ground than Joe Hisaishi’s mostly classical Piano Stories.

  Conceptually, Love Letters started as an LP of tracks remade from songs I’d written for my ex over the past four years. Eventually I decided I wanted to include new tracks as well, and so it became an album. I’m mixing the things I’ve learned over the years with my old compositions to create a new whole, much like with Past, Present, but I hope this time I can tell you a story.

  The video embedded above is a preview of the first eight tracks on the album, including three new tracks, two solo piano arrangements, and three remade tracks. In the next week or two I will upload the second part of the preview, along with more specific information about the album’s release.

Until next time,


New Track, “Mist”

June 26, 2015


Hi guys,

  Like I said in my last post, today’s the day I start making new content! I’m hoping to get something new out every Friday, whether it’s a new track, arrangement, or video. Whatever it is my goal for now is just to get back into making regular updates.

  To start off, I’ve got a new track for you called “Mist”. It’s a simple atmospheric track with an oriental vibe, written mainly for piano, but the full ensemble includes percussion, strings, a flute, and a cello. It’s a nice break from the classical piano solo kind of stuff I’ve been writing lately, but not drastically different.

  There are a number of ways you can get the track, but I’d like to pay special attention to the fact that it’s my first Soundcloud upload:

  You can also find the track on my Bandcamp page. It’s free to download, but you have the option of leaving a tip of you feel so inclined. Like always, you can also find the track on Youtube, and in the audio section of my site.



Hi everyone,

  I just wanted to say thanks again for supporting “Music from my Notebook”.  I’ve just uploaded the last track from the EP to my Youtube account, and I’ve embedded the playlist above.  You can stream the album for free indefinitely on youtube, but again, like “Past, Present”, you’ll still need to purchase it on bandcamp to download the MP3 and sheet music files.

  I’ve also got a quick update about my Youtube channel in general. Lately I’ve felt that my content on Youtube is too saturated by old uploads that don’t meet my current standard of quality. I’ve debated removing them because they’ve been up for so long, and despite the fact I’m no longer happy with them many people still enjoy the tracks. It was a tough choice to make, but I think it’s best for my channel that I remove the content I believe is bringing down its overall quality. These include mainly any cam recordings, old improv’s, and most of my pre-2012 uploads. I’m hoping to get it down to around 100 tracks that best represent my current compositional palette, but I haven’t picked exactly which tracks to keep or when the change will be made. I’m hoping by the end of the month, but I’ll write another post leading up to it with more specifics.

  Like always feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment with your thoughts.

Thanks again,


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