“Music from my Notebook” on Youtube / Youtube Updates

June 5, 2015

Hi everyone,

  I just wanted to say thanks again for supporting “Music from my Notebook”.  I’ve just uploaded the last track from the EP to my Youtube account, and I’ve embedded the playlist above.  You can stream the album for free indefinitely on youtube, but again, like “Past, Present”, you’ll still need to purchase it on bandcamp to download the MP3 and sheet music files.

  I’ve also got a quick update about my Youtube channel in general. Lately I’ve felt that my content on Youtube is too saturated by old uploads that don’t meet my current standard of quality. I’ve debated removing them because they’ve been up for so long, and despite the fact I’m no longer happy with them many people still enjoy the tracks. It was a tough choice to make, but I think it’s best for my channel that I remove the content I believe is bringing down its overall quality. These include mainly any cam recordings, old improv’s, and most of my pre-2012 uploads. I’m hoping to get it down to around 100 tracks that best represent my current compositional palette, but I haven’t picked exactly which tracks to keep or when the change will be made. I’m hoping by the end of the month, but I’ll write another post leading up to it with more specifics.

  Like always feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment with your thoughts.

Thanks again,

3 Responses to ““Music from my Notebook” on Youtube / Youtube Updates”

  1. User Says:

    Why not upload the old videos to a separate channel?

  2. David Li Says:

    Perhaps you could move them to a separate channel or host them somewhere else as an archive? Personally I enjoyed your improv on Final Fantasy IV’s Theme of Love quite a bit, even if it is rather old.

  3. David Li Says:

    Actually, please ignore my earlier comment. I just noticed you have an archive on the sidebar!

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